Enhance Safety and Brand Visibility with Reflex Graphics: Your Partner for Safety Wear Solutions

  • Apr 22, 2024

In industries where safety is paramount, outfitting your team with high-quality safety wear isn't just a necessity—it's an opportunity to showcase your brand in a creative and impactful way. At Reflex Graphics, we specialize in providing customizable safety wear solutions that prioritize both safety and brand visibility. Let's explore how our diverse range of products can elevate your safety wear program:


First Aid Essentials: Safety Meets Branding

Ensure your team is prepared for any situation with our selection of customizable first-aid essentials:


  • First Aid Kits: Keep your workplace safe and compliant with fully stocked first aid kits featuring your logo.
  • Sunscreen and Heat/Cold Packs: Protect your team from the elements with branded sunscreen and heat/cold packs for on-the-job relief.
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): Make safety stylish with custom-branded masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, face shields, gators, and more.
  • Floor Decals and No-Touch Tools: Reinforce safety protocols and minimize contact with innovative branded floor decals and no-touch tools.

Self-Care Products: Promoting Wellness on the Job

Show your team you care with branded self-care products designed for on-the-job wellness:


  • Lip Balm and Sunglasses: Shield your team from the elements with branded lip balm and sunglasses, perfect for outdoor work environments.
  • Fitness Accessories: Encourage a healthy lifestyle with branded pedometers and fitness gear that promote wellness and productivity.
  • Candles and Spa Kits: Create a relaxing work environment with branded candles and spa kits for moments of self-care and rejuvenation.

Eco-Friendly Workwear: Sustainability Meets Safety

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability with our eco-friendly workwear options:


  • Biodegradable and Recycled Materials: Choose from a variety of biodegradable, recycled, and sustainable materials for workwear that's both environmentally friendly and durable.
  • Organic and Efficient Designs: Opt for organic and efficient workwear designs that prioritize comfort, functionality, and sustainability.
  • Safety Hats, Jackets, Vests, and More: Outfit your team with branded safety hats, jackets, vests, coveralls, work gloves, and non-slip shoes that meet safety standards without compromising on style or sustainability.

Customization That Makes a Statement


At Reflex Graphics, we understand that safety wear isn't just about protection—it's also an opportunity to showcase your brand identity. That's why we offer customizable printing and branding solutions that allow you to incorporate your logo, messaging, and branding elements into every safety wear product.

With our extensive range of products and expert customization services, we'll ensure your team looks and feels their best while promoting your brand every step of the way. Trust Reflex Graphics to keep your team safe, stylish, and on-brand with our comprehensive safety wear solutions.

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